Collection: Just Quietly

a collection of new and revised works from Bunbury artist Deanna Mosca.

Deanna Mosca thanks the traditional owners of the land on which she lives and works on, the Wardandi people of the Noongar lands, in the south west of Western Australia.
Just Quietly is a culmination of mixed media works including paintings on canvas, found objects and ceramics. Some of the work extends beyond into augmented reality, where viewers can gaze through digital eyes into another realm beyond the surfaces.
The works explore the spirit and rich history of nature and our intricate relationship with it, juxtaposing line, colour and texture with symbolism and images from pop culture, as we face the devastation of climate change and other societal issues in our postmodern world.
Some of these works also include AR (Augmented Reality) experiences!

How to use the AR filter:

  1. have an image of the artwork ready (on your wall at home is best! Or a digital version on another device works too, whether it's a desktop computer/laptop/friend's phone.) 
  2. head to the AR filter link (my Instagram page and hit the filter ✨ tab)
  3. hover your camera over the artwork and watch it come to life