About Lakaiya Ceramics (la-kye-yah) 

Lakaiya is charismatic, creative, cheeky, and fun-loving. She is adaptable to change and adores colourful bright surroundings. She loves to express herself, is inspirational, cheerful, optimistic and full of joy. Lakaiya loves life and needs to share her enthusiasm with those around her. She is ambitious and philosophical.

Lakaiya Ceramics has been operating for a little over 5 years (previously as D-ranged Art & Design) with a yearning to connect to the earth and create unique functional products for everyday use. 

We are inspired by the natural world, Australia flora and the spirit of mother nature. We love to use bright bold colours, textures, and organic shapes. 

In 2020, we have started building a range of staple products to extend into the wholesale market, keeping a line of regular designs at reasonable prices. This is complimented by our artisan range, items that are one-offs or very small batches, wherever our creative direction takes us at the time. 

Our product line is centered around functional and practical items, beginning with mugs and bowls, and now an extensive range of earrings, plant pots, wall decor, and other homewares and dinnerware. 

As we are very creative and flexible, designs are always developing and changing along with trends, therefore our artisan range will always see new products.